Bringing the Pizza Man into the Bedroom

There are many sex role play ideas that involve a stranger coming to the door and having a fling with whoever is home. It is common for the stranger to be the pizza man. After all, he is bringing you a delicious pizza, and this is a great way to leave a tip!

The pizza man fantasy can start when a woman is home alone and gets a knock on the door. She goes to pay for her pizza but…oops….she can’t find her wallet so she invites him in for a minute when she goes to look.

Where oh where can her wallet be? Is it in her bedroom? She invites the pizza man to come up with her while she looks for her wallet in the bedroom and one thing leads to another.

The pizza man fantasy is one of the best roleplay ideas because you can add the element of a cheating housewife. The couple may have to finish quickly and sneak him out before they get caught. This element of danger is always great for adding to the excitement.

Also, pizza delivery men are usually young boys so perhaps he is inexperienced, and she needs to teach him a few things about pleasing a woman.

And, of course, pizza delivery people don’t have to men. You can switch things up by making your pizza delivery person a woman who is seduced…or seduces the man. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

The pizza man fantasy is definitely a classic and there’s a good reason for that. There’s so much you can do work with the idea and it’s always a big turn on for whoever is involved.

How will you be living out your pizza man, or woman, fantasy tonight?

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