Hacks for Your First Boudoir Shoot.

We’ve heard about them; we love the idea and finally, here we are about to book our first boudoir shoot. All these steps, however, do not diminish the nervousness we feel. In fact, it is starting to feel like the more we do, the less confident we feel. Perhaps it is because reality is starting to set in and we are reminded that we aren’t exactly the same size or body shape as the models we regularly see, and even if we are we don’t believe we have what it takes to pull it off.

Whether you are engaging in this for personal or professional reasons, boudoir shoots are notoriously nerve-racking not only because of our state of undress but also the level of intimacy that is required. You aren’t the only one whose nervous and even if it feels that way, your feelings are valid and important. If you fall into any of these boxes here are a few steps to getting ready for your first boudoir shoot.

Loving yourself. How cliché, I know. I can almost sense the eye roll as I type. Truth is, no matter how gorgeous we are, or even mainstream acceptable, we will never feel fit for a shoot if we do not love ourselves. And I mean every single part of our bodies, from our hips to our eyes, to our feet. Your body fat percentage should not determine your worth, that means in the eyes of the world, and most importantly in yours. Take a good spin in the mirror and remember you are gorgeous.

Think of a theme, this is an awesome way to help you stay focused and organized on that day. Having a theme not only takes the stress of going through the motions out, but it also helps slime line what you want. Regardless of how you choose to shop for items for the day buy lingerie online in Canada or to buy lingerie in Canadian stores. It makes choosing the items far easier. It also gives you a sense of control over what is going on.

Stay away from alcohol. While I am a proponent of feeling free and enjoying the days before a shoot, alcohol is the quickest way to have to bloat. To avoid this disaster, avoid consuming anything with alcohol for at least two days before the shoot.

Organize the items. In this process, you will not only buy but try on all the lingerie items ahead of time. This allows you to get a good stretch and feel of the fit to avoid any disaster, yes, including that bodysuit lingerie. Another great thing to do when organizing is to plan out and listen to a playlist that gets you in whatever mood you desire. Wearing sexy lingerie while listening to the desired playlist is sure to produce an excellent result

Now that you have a theme, and your all organized on how the set will be and your lingerie will fit. Take things easy, a fun way to relax while boosting your energy levels is to eat fruits.

Remember to have fun, after all the whole point of the shoot is the pleasure!

And don’t forget to treat yourself with a piece of Erotic Lingerie or Elegant Lingerie coupled with a body harness fashion lingerie or body chain fashion lingerie!

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