What is Undertone tone and why is it important?

One of the most disappointing ends to a shopping trip is finding out that the thing you got in your size does not look as good as you thought it would. There are several reasons for this, but one that gets overlooked quite frequently is coloring.

Yup, coloring. Just because an outfit fits perfectly in size, does not guarantee that it will complement your complexion, or more precisely, undertone. Knowing your undertone could make the difference in a glowing versus drowning effect from an otherwise perfect outfit, which is why when buying lingerie online undertones should be considered.

Fine, undertones are important. How do we go about figuring out what ours are, and how do we know what works well for them? Well, that’s where I come in today. I am going to give brief overviews on the most common undertone categories and colors that match.

So, what are the types of undertones? There are three popular categories; warm, cool, and neutral or olive-olive tone can be split into its own subcategory but for the purpose of coloring we’ll leave it with neutral.

Warm undertones are yellow, peachy or golden. Colors that go well with these are light and more peach, such as honey, coral, olive, cream, salmon. These colors blend well with your undertone and give a glowing sensation.

Cool tones are more bluish or pink. Bold colors like blue, lavender and rose make your skin pop in the light and flatter you.

Neutral tones are a mixture of both, and olive tones are more ashy-tinted, colors such as red, jade, and white serve to bring out the best in your complexion. Note; when buying foundation neutral and olive tones are considered different for the sake of blending.

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